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9/1/2022 - 7:00 PM  
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Measure R: Change Orders 3B, 3E-G, and 4C - Phase 1 Modernization Projects  
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CSD Ph1 Mods - Pfeiffer CO #3B 09.01.22.pdf
CSD Ph1 Mods - BMI CO #3E 09.01.22.pdf
CSD Ph1 Mods - Smith & Sons CO #3F 09.01.22.pdf
CSD Ph1 Mods - Ciari CO #3G 09.01.22.pdf
CSD Ph1 Mods - MBS Eng. CO #4C 09.01.22.pdf
In accordance with the District's change order approval process, the following change orders are in connection with the Phase 1 Modernization Project to replace the aging HVAC systems at Bagby, Fammatre, Farnham, Sartorette, and Price Middle School.

The total change orders for larger modernization projects typically range from 6% - 8%. The attached change orders total $200,897.43 which represents a .2% change of the total contracts listed of $10,715,473.

3B: Pfeiffer Electric (Bagby, Fammatre, & Price) $115,122
3E: Beals Martin and Associates, Inc. (Farnham & Sartorette) $15,691
3F: Smith & Sons Electric (Farnham & Sartorette) $34,923.68
3G: Stephen Ciari Plumbing and Heating, Inc. (Farnham & Sartorette) $11,208.68
4C: MBS Engineering (Bagby, Fammatre, & Price) $23,952.07
Staff recommends the Governing Board to ratify the five (5) necessary change orders 3B, 3E-G, and 4C, in connection with the Phase 1 Modernization Projects.  
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Carlena Grandey - Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
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Kristi Schwiebert - Superintendent