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Meeting Date: 11/16/2023 - 7:00 PM
Category: Information and Study Items
Type: Action
Subject: Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervening Services Plan: Significant Disproportionate
District Priorities:
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CSD CIM for CCEIS - Nov16, 2023.pdf
Cambrian SD 2023 CIM CCEIS Signature Page FINAL.pdf
FINAL - Cambrian SD CIM for CCEIS Plan (Step 3).pdf
Summary: The California Department of Education recently identified the Cambrian School District as a Significantly Disproportionate District.

Disproportionality refers to the overrepresentation of a particular racial or ethnic group in one of four areas:
1. Special education in general
2. Special education within a specific disability category
3. Disciplinary action assigned to students with disabilities
4. Placement of students with disabilities in more restrictive environments

Cambrian School District was found to overrepresent students who are Hispanic in the disability category of specific learning disabilities and are required to:
- Write and implement Compliance and Improvement Monitoring for a Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervening Services Plan
- Set aside 15% of our Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act funding to fund activities included in the Plan.

Over the past couple of months, Cambrian staff members have been working with the California Department of Education to gather data and analyze potential root causes. The attached Plan is a general education plan meant to interrupt overrepresentation and disproportionality in special education.
Recommendation: Staff recommends the Governing Board to approve the Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervening Services Plan.
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Signed By:
Carlena Grandey - Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Signed By:
Kristi Schwiebert - Superintendent