Review Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 6/6/2024 - 7:00 PM
Category: Information and Study Items
Type: Action
Subject: Measure R: Award Trade Contracts for Classroom Modernizations at Sartorette
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Sartorette Preschool Renovation Bids.pdf
Bid Summary F - Revised amount.pdf
Summary: As part of Measure R modernizations projects, Sartorette Elementary School planned for the addition of a preschool area within the campus. A preschool area can be developed at the relocatable classrooms on the north side of the campus Rooms 17-20.

Finney Architects obtained bids from vendors and the results of the public bid opening held on May 23, 2024. A total of six (6) contractor bids were received covering the six (6) different construction trade bid packages. The bid results are attached.

• Bid Package A, General Trades
• Bid Package B, Ceilings
• Bid Package C, Plumbing
• Bid Package D, Doors and Hardware
• Bid Package E, Fencing
• Bid Package F, Fire Alarm

There was only one bidder for each of the trade packages. All of the bidders were deemed responsive. District staff and Mark Finney, the District’s Architect believes the bids were reasonable based on the scopes of work. Bid Package E, Fencing, in staff’s opinion should be rebid with an adjustment to scope.

Bids from the apparent low bidders in each trade packages A through D and package F have completed evaluation. The contractors found to have submitted the responsive low bids for each of the five (5) trade packages are as follows:

• Bid Package A: Build Corp.
• Bid Package B: Spacetone Acoustics
• Bid Package C: Georges Plumbing
• Bid Package D: Eastman Construction
• Bid Package F: Sound and Signal
Funding: The performance of these contracts will be paid from a combination of the Measure R bond account and Fund 40, Special Reserve for Capital Projects.
Recommendation: Staff recommends that the Governing Board award the five (5) different construction trades packages with lowest bid amount for Bid Packages A, B, C, D, and F, and reject Bid Package E, Fencing.
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Signed By:
Carlena Grandey - Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Signed By:
Kristi Schwiebert - Superintendent